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Wagwan Today?

So my first proper post. And i am going to do 2 things.

  1. Talk about a music video that dropped today.
  2. And by doing so, introduce you to something important about me: I’m a self confessed Minaj-A-Holic.


Today Her Minajesty, dropped the video for “Right By My Side Ft. Chris Brown” and oh my lordy it did not disappoint. The song is a crossover song on the album and in many ways the song that straddles and connects the album from Hip Hop and Dance/Pop. The song is an R&B/Pop affair with a final verse reminiscent of a Nicki Minaj feature. The video sees Nicki and NAS develop thier relationship which climaxes in a Kiss which i have to be honest was jsut phenomenal, someone give me some aspirin i’m having palpitations. Make your own mind up about it, but i for one say long live the Queen.

P.S Plzzz can Nas + Nicki be for real